SBC Prayer

I’m out of debt, my needs are met, I have much more to place in the store. I sow to make it sow and if it has to be so, I must continue to sow. Receive these now, my tithes and offering and bless according to your word. Open up a window, pour out a blessing that I may not have room enough to receive.

In Jesus Name Amen

Where does my financial gift go?

With the online form, you may designate your giving as: Tithes, Offerings, Mission, Sunday School, Capital Gains, Couples Ministry, etc. Love Offering and/or SBC Scholarship donations. 

Second Birth Church is a non-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your gifts are tax deductible and are used to fund the operations of the ministry.

All transactions are final. If a donation is made in error or you have any questions, please contact the Office Manager, Aaron Richardson @arichardson@secondbirthchurch.org.